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Bayern-Rundfahrt: 22 October 2004 - 24 October 2004

VT 723 of the Bayerische Oberlandbahn (BOB) in Burglengenfeld.
Only the first three kilometers remain of the line from Nabburg to Schönsee (Oberpf), all alongside the main line Hof – Regensburg. On the left is the siding to the Anst Stulln.
Nittenau, up to now only final point of the branch line of Bodenwöhr Nord, could become once again a through station, if the project of the "Danube-Vltava-railway" is realized.
The BOB-Talent at the Hammerweiher between Bruck (Oberpf) and Bodenwöhr.
Milestone 21,4 is rather lonely at the terminus at Schnaittenbach. Traffic is still active to the kaolin pits.
The special train passes through coloured fields before Hirschau, in the background is the Monte Kaolino (491 m).
Gebenbach on the line Amberg – Schnaittenbach.
The special train visits the Regensburg east harbour, north quay.
Ingolstadt Interpark: The northernmost siding in morning fog.
Ingolstadt Nürnberger Bund: End of DB-infrastructure at km 1.3; behind the points there is a closed private siding to the refinery.
VT 723 is passing the complicated level crossing in Wolnzach Markt.
... en route from Wolnzach Markt to Wolnzach Bahnhof.
Softly the light of the morning sun breaks the fog of the Amperauen on the Langenbach (Oberbay) – Unterzolling (– Mainburg) line. BOB- VT 723 in Haag (Amper).
Alongside the Amperkanal near Unterzolling, a few meters beyond a buffer stop marks the end of the line.
Crossing the river Amper bridge on the return to Langenbach.
Bavarian loneliness near Gangkofen, on the line Frontenhausen-Marklkofen – Neumarkt-St. Veit.
Alongside the Alzkanal on the siding Garching – Hart an der Alz.
The special train from Traunreut at the entrance to Hörpolding. To integrate the town of Traunreut into the traffic on the Garching – Traunstein line, a connecting curve should be built at this point.

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