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NE-Bahnen, Güterzugstrecken und Industriebahnen zwischen Bodensee, Donau und Lech: 28 May 2004 - 31 May 2004

Between the stations Augsburg Ring and Augsburg-Lechhausen railcar VT 209 of HzL in use for IBSE e. V. traverses the bridge over the river Lech.
The route of the Augsburger Lokalbahn between Augsburg West and Haunstetten Nord (DASA siding) crosses the new tram route towards Inninger Straße at Am Alten Postweg. On 28 May 2004 the IBSE special train here meets a city-bound tram on Route 3.
Unterdiessen at the line Landsberg (Lech) - Schongau.
Travelling over the freight-only branch between Senden and Weißenhorn was the last highlight of the trip on 29 May 2004. This picture shows HzL VT209 working train DPE 83697 from Weißenhorn to Ulm Hbf.
A visit in Ettringen.
In Ulm IBSE e. V. visited the municipal sidings, this picture was taken at Magirusstraße.
One of the places visited on 30 May 2004 was the branch from Roßberg to Bad Wurzach. This view is of the terminus at Bad Wurzach.
Photo stop at Schwackenreute on the route Mengen – Krauchenwies – Stockach – Stahringen. Schwackenreute was once the junction for the line to Pfullendorf and Altshausen. The IBSE special train ran over the section Mengen - Stockach and return on 31 May 2004.
Between Jungingen and Hechingen, on the Hohenzollerische Landesbahn, with Burg Hohenzollern in the background. 31 May 2004.
Finally on 31 May 2004 the IBSE special train visited the industrial sidings at Heiligenfeld, west of Hochdorf (b Horb).

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