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Strategische- und Industriegleise zwischen Schwarzer Elster und Börde: 27 September 2003

The special train, consisting of 928 587/628 587, while passing the sidings at Röcknitz on the Muldentalbahn between Eilenburg and Wurzen.
The track beyond here at Lüptitz is no longer available; works shunting locomotive 20 arrives at the junction with the siding belonging to Sächsische Quarzporphyrwerke GmbH.
A meeting with a steam locomotive on a mural on a house at Zschepa-Hohburg station; the main station building is behind in the bushes.
The rather decrepit station building at Zschepa-Hohburg, in the wooden construction style typical of the route.
The special train at Torgau harbour, ready for the return journey to Torgau.
This imposing water tower stands at the Torgau harbour railway.
Short break in Falkenberg (Elster).
In Mühlberg (Elbe), fast 12 Jahre nach dem ersten Besuch der IBSE e. V. auf dieser Strecke am 3. Oktober 1991. Ein Bild von dem damaligen Besuch findet sich bei der entsprechenden Fahrt.
Mühlberg (Elbe), end of the former Kleinbahn from Neuburxdorf; in the midst of the “Elbekies GmbH” gravel sidings.
This bright yellow works shunting locomotive belonging to Südzucker GmbH was found at Brottewitz sugar factory siding.
The distrustfully observed photo stop of the special train in the military area of the air base at Holzdorf an der Elster.

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