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NE-Bahnen und Güterzugstrecken rund um Hamburg I: 24 November 2001

Till 2016 the remainder of the former EBOE-line is operated as an industrial branch line belonging to the town of Bad Oldesloe. Here at Blumendorf AKN VT 3.08 / VT 3.09 is ready for the return journey.
VT 3.08 + VT 3.09 (AKN) als IBSE-Sonderzug "NE-Bahnen und Güterzugstrecken rund um Hamburg" in Fahrenkrug.
This pretty rail-road-bridge is on a industrial branch line in Hamburg.
This is Billstedt on the former Südstormarnsche Kreisbahn. AKN has operated trains to here since 1952.
“We have arrived by train.” This has probably never before happened at the hotel in Glinde, particularly as the route formerly continuing to Trittau has been lifted for a long time.

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