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Güterzugstrecken ab Walsrode: 9 December 2000

With DEV T 1 / TA 3 on the Verden-Walsroder-Eisenbahn GmbH (VWE), here at the junction with the military base in Benzen.
DEV T 1/TA 3 auf der Verden-Walsroder-Eisenbahn GmbH (VWE) in Altenboitzen.
The pair of railcars are seen at the eastern end of the station at Altenboitzen heading for Walsrode. The centre section of the VWE is lifted since many years, so the train had to reverse at Altenboitzen.
In Hollige the corrugated iron shack still stands under the tree, complete with station name board.
The Walsrode - Bomlitz route is operated as a works railway of the firm Wolf Walsrode AG, and the railtour was dragged by the works shunting locomotive. At Bomlitz, at the end of the line, a mast is a reminder of the earlier electrification of the route.
Hier noch eine zweite Aufnahme aus Bomlitz, Blick von Süden auf Bahnsteig und Empfangsgebäude.

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