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Güterzugstrecken und Anschlussbahnen im Reichsbahnland: 22 September 1996

The IBSE special formed of 972 716+772 116 on the way from Vogelsang to Groß Dölln.
On 22nd Sept. 1996 the IBSE e. V. visited the harbour line in Neustrelitz.
The line to Neustrelitz Hafen is partly running in the street.
Five years after the first visit of IBSE on 11th May 1991 the secon visit of IBSE to Rechlin Nord was made on 22nd Sept. 1996. The Red Army already has left the site.
On the line Neubrandenburg - Friedland (Meckl).
in Friedland (Meckl)

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