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Sonderfahrt mit der EPEG-Schienenbuseinheit: 26 November 2001 - 27 November 2001

With EPEG VT 27 / VT 98 210 various goods and connecting lines were toured in the western Ruhr area. This is Duisburg-Ruhrort Hafen in the morning of 26th November 2001.
Shortly before Bottrop Nord, on the second, former connection between Dorsten and Oberhausen (26.11.2001).
Waiting for departure at Essen-Vogelheim, on the route Gelsenkirchen Hbf – Essen-Katernberg Nord – Oberhausen-Osterfeld Süd (27.11.2001).
It goes no further. Gewerbepark Hünxe, on the Dinslakener Kreisbahn (27.11.2001).
The only sunny picture of the journey came on the 27th November at Walsum on the route (Wesel –) Spellen (Niederrh) – Oberhausen. On the left is the station of the coal mine.

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