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Sonderfahrt zu den Hafenbahnen in Roßlau, Magdeburg und Schönebeck und zu weiteren Anschlussbahnen: 28 May 2011 - 29 May 2011

This tour has been served by DMU VT650.65 of ODEG. Here it stops at Roßlau Harbour.
The IBSE special at the southern end of the harbour lines in Magdeburg Hafen, just south of the embankment of the main line Magdeburg - Berlin.
In the Magdeburg Hafen area the special train also travelled on the track paralell to the Industriestraße.
On the tour through Magdbeburg Instriehafen the IBSE special passes the elevator "Silo Hansa" of Magdeburger Getreidegesellschaft mbH.
Near the bridge on the line to Kanalhafen.
The IBSE special on the harbour line along the street "August-Bebel-Damm".
The newest and most northern part of Magdeburg harbour is called "Hansahafen", the IBSE special has reached this end of the harbour line.
The IBSE special on the harbour line of Schönebeck (Elbe).
The IBSE special on the harbour line of Schönebeck, returning to the maine line.
On 29.05.2011 the IBSE special has reached the first destination, the siding of SKL Umschlagservice Magdeburg GmbH & Co. KG in Magdeburg-Buckau.
The IBSE special in Zerben, which is today the terminus of the line from Güsen (bei Magdeburg). In former times this line continued to Jerichow.
Returning to Güsen (bei Magdeburg) this picture is showing in the foreground the remaings of the line Güsen (bei Magdeburg) - Ziesar.
In the sidings of Kirchmöser.

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