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Studienfahrt mit Bahn und Bus zu Museumsbahnen in Frankreich 22. – 25. Juli 2014: 22 July 2014 - 25 July 2014

Combined rail- and bus-tour to museum lines in France: France is a very interesting country for travelling and offers also quite a lot of attractive museum- and touristic railways. Some of these are not easy to reach as they are disconnected from the regular passenger network. So for this IBSE study tour we used a coach in order to visit some of such lines in an attractive landscape. The lines were visited by special trains or on reserved places in scheduled trains. Additional to this two draisine lines were visited.

Engine BB 404 of SNCFV makes ready for departure the "Train du Marché" in Tournon-sur-Rhône-Saint-Jean-de-Muzols. IBSE e. V. had booked the last coach of this train; 22nd July 2014.
After arrival in Lamastre.
Railcar #222 of VFV is made ready for departure in St. Agrève for the IBSE special.
Der Billard-Triebwagen 222 der VFV als IBSE-Sonderzug in Devesset-Mars, 22.7.2014
Im Nebel nördlich Le Chambon-Mazet.
Der IBSE-Sonderzug steht in Montfaucon zur Rückfahrt nach St. Agrève bereit. Beim Besuch der "Chemin de Fer du Velay" konnte der kurz zuvor stillgelegte Abschnitt Montfaucon - Dunières leider nicht mehr befahren werden. Doch es war damals noch nicht bekannt, dass auch der Abschnitt Montfaucon - Raucoules-Brossettes stillgelegt werden sollte. Weniger als ein Jahr nach dieser Aufnahme (22.07.2014) erreichte dann am 15.07.2015 letztmals ein Reisezug den Bahnhof Montfaucon.
Zwischenhalt im ehemaligen Abzweigbahnhof Raucoules-Brossettes.
The IBSE special near Trifoulou.
Using this train composition the IBSE visited the section Dunières - St. Pal-St. Romain.
Railcar X2807 of „Chemin de Fer du Haut-Forez“ as IBSE special crossing the viaduct over the river Ance near Pontempeyrat, 23.7.2014.
In Sembadel the restaurant "Le Chalet" served the IBSE group, stopping the special at the provisional platform.
On the way to La Chaise-Dieu the IBSE special makes a short stop in Sembadel.
The AGRIVAP tourist rain on its way from La-Chaise-Dieu to Ambert in Arlanc.
"Panoramique" X4208 of AGRIVAP was on duty for the scheduled train Ambert - Courpière on 23rd July 2014. Here the IBSE party changed again to the bus.
On 24.07.2014 the IBSE group traveled by "Gentiane Express" formed by RGP1 X2725/7725 of CFHA, here seen in Lugarde-Marchastel.
On a viaduct between Ste-Eulalie de Cernon and Le Rouquier.
The section Ste-Eulalie de Cernon - La Bastide Pradines of "Vélorail du Larzac" offers combined "vélorail" and train operations. The IBSE group used the train hauled by Y 7208 in the evening of 24th July 2014, here photographed in La Bastide Pradines.
The tourist train Anduze - Saint-Jean-du-Gard was hauled by ex DR 106 828-7 on 25th July 2014.
Die IBSE party had travelled on the line Anduze - St-Jean-du-Gard in the morning of 25th July 2014. So the second departure of the "Train à Vapeur des Cévennes" could be observed together with the coach used for the IBSE group near Anduze.
BB 66402 of TAC haules the IBSE special near Sainte-Cécile-d'Andorge.

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