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Sonderfahrt ab Neustrelitz 2. und 3. März 2014: 2 March 2014 - 3 March 2014

Im Industriegebiet Neubrandenburg-Weitin
Auf der Anschlussbahn zwischen Weitin und Neubrandenburg
Friedland (Meckl.)
The IBSE special on the line Neubrandenburg - Friedland (Meckl.) near Staven.
In the afternoon of 2nd March 2014 the raicar VT 120 of EGP was used by IBSE to visit the harbour line in Neustrelitz.
The IBSE special (VT 120 of EGP) comming from Neustrelitz Hbf via Löwenberg (Mark) and Templin has reached the station of Joachimsthal.
VT120 of EGP forming the special DPN 25044 (Joachimstal - Neustadt (Dosse)) stops shortly in Friedrichswalde.
Rheinsberg (Mark)
VT 120 of EGP has reached the station of Stechlinsee, in the background the former nuclear power station is visible.
It's rare that - like in Stechlinsee - the station sign displays the date of the closure of the regular (internal) passenger service (20.12.1996). The clock on the platform is still dislplaying the correct time!
Wildberg (Kreis Neuruppin)

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