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Versteckte Bahnen in Mittelsachsen: 4 November 2000 - 5 November 2000

Oberheinsdorf, terminus of the former ng line from Reichenbach (Vogtl) unterer Bahnhof could be raeched only by bus. In the former loco shed nowardays a museum is located.
IBSE special in Schönheide Mitte.
99 582 mit IBSE-Sonderzug "Versteckte Bahnen in Mittelsachsen" zwischen Stützengrün und Neuheide.
The IBSE special hauled by 99 582 from Schönheide Mitte to Stützengrün stops in Neuheide.
In the museum mine "Saubergstollen" in Ehrenfriedersdorf an IBSE special was operated on the line in the mine.

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