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Schienenbusfahrt ab Boitzenburg: 20 June 1992

The railcar 772 016-2 has reached the gate of the shipyard in Boizenburg which was the first destination of this IBSE railtour on 20th June 1992.
IBSE special on the short line Boitzenburg – Boitzenburg Stadt.
The sketch of the station in Connow leads to the conclusion that the short branch Malliß - Connow had been constructed for military purposes.
Crossing the road in Dallmin, line Karstädt – Margarethental.
A short stop in Perleberg West on the way to Quitzow.
A short section of the former line Salzwedel - Badel, from Salzwedel to Krinau Fuchsberger Straße has been visited on the evening of 20th June 1992

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