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Sonderzugfahrten im Raum Berlin III: 20 June 2003 - 21 June 2003

The IBSE specials on 20th and 21st June 2003 have been served by railcars T7 and T9 from PEG.

RB 39144 Neustadt (Dosse) - Rathenow was served by PEG in contract of DB Regio AG. On 20-06-2003 to this train railcars T7+T9 from PEG had been attached in order to form the IBSE special ex Rathenow.
The train RB 39144 stops in Rhinow. Today all tracks are lifted here.
The IBSE special visits the industrial siding in Premnitz.
DNR 82882 in Röthehof on the line Neugarten - Ketzin.
The IBSE special at Potsdamer Platz Baulogistik. Today no track remained here. Underground line U2 in the forground, backwards U1 and the Potsdamer Platz area with DB headquaters are visible, too.
T7+T9 der PEG als DNR 82884 (Potsdamer Platz Baulogistik - Fangschleuse) auf der Fahrt von Berlin Potsdamer Güterfahrt nach Berlin Wannsee im Großstadtdschungel zwischen Kolonnenstraße und Berlin-Schöneberg. Das Fernbahngleis überquert etwa hier die Strecke der S1.
T7+T9 der PEG zur Übernachtung abgestellt in Berlin-Lichtenberg.
T7+T9 der PEG in Berlin-Treptow Gbf, Blick in Richtung Treptower Park.
The Hotel Estrel in Berlin-Neukölln has its own platform on the tracks of Industriebahn Neukölln.
The IBSE special on the tracks of Industriebahn Neukölln.
The IBSE special traversing the Nobelstraße in Neukölln.
T7+T9 from PEG as IBSE special DNR 82878 reached Berlin Wriezener Bahnhof.

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