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Sonderfahrten auf Güterzugstrecken und Industriegleisen rund um Zwickau, Freiberg und Görlitz: 18 October 2008 - 19 October 2008

A printed timetable on display in Stenn halt, to inform the passengers about the IBSE special.
The IBSE sprcial DPE 99823 from Glauchau to Neumark (Sachs) had a scheduled stop in Stenn.
Using VT 514 from Citybahn Chemnitz GmbH the IBSE visited in Neumark (Sachs) the depot of Vogtlandbahn.
VT 514 from CBC as IBSE special on 18th Octobre 2008 on Industriebahn Zwickau (Sachs).
VT 3.02 fromFreiberger Eisenbahn GmbH on 18.10.2008 in Brand-Erbisdorf.
The IBSE special on 18th Octobre 2008 in Großvoigtsberg on the line Freiberg - Nossen.
North of Nossen the IBSE special visites the line to Riesa which is today in use only as far as Rähsa where a oil storing facility is situated. Picture taken not far from Nossen.
VT 3.02 from Freiberger Eisenbahn GmbH on 18.10.2008 returned as IBSE special from Rähsa to Nossen.
On 19th Octobre 2008 772 413-1 from OSEF was used by IBSE e. V. the first visit of this day was made to the sidings of the destillery in Wilthen
The IBSE special waiting in Ebersbach (Sachsen) prior to departure to Löbau.
On the way from Ebersbach to Löbau the remaining part of the line Löbau - Oberoderwitz was visited, too. In Niedercunnersdorf this photo was made.
In the morning of 19th Octobre 2008 the IBSE special had a longer pause in Löbau while "Werners Gartenbahn" was visited.
772 413-1 from OSEF in service as IBSE special on 19-10-2008 in the station of military training field "Truppenübungsplatz Oberlausitz" near Weißkeißel.
On the line Mücka - Sproitz the IBSE special meets the narrow gauge industrial railway of Sproitz.
The end of the line (siding) from Mücka is reached in Sproitz in the teritory of Heim Baustoffe. Visited by IBSE special on 19th Octobre 2008.
The industrial narrow gauge railway was visited by IBSE on 19th October 2008, too. Here the IBSE special is waiting for the return trip at the terminus.
The IBSE special and the narrow gauge railway of Sproitz were runnig paralell on a short section.
772 413-1 from OSEF serving as IBSE special during the return journey to Mücka.

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