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Sonderfahrten im Raum Braunschweig/Salzgitter: 11 April 2008 - 12 April 2008

On 11th April 2008 a special formed by railcar DTW 1 from Lappwaldbahn travelled on lines between Oebisfelde and Braunschweig. On 12th April 2008 the network of Verkehrsbetriebe Peine-Salzgitter GmbH (VPS) was visited. The special was formed of loco 1101 from VPS and three coaches from the Warnetalbahn.

On 11th April 2008 IBSE visited the several chords connecting to Braunschweig Rbf, using railcar "DTW 01" of Dampzug Gemeinschaft e. V. Braunschweig/Weferlingen. The picture was made at Braunschweig Gliesmarode.
Shunting of loco 1101 of VPS in Salzgitter Bad while the special train for the IBSE is prepared.
The IBSE special has reached Salzgitter-Beddingen Hafen.
The IBSE special on 12th April 2008 in Hafen Salzgitter-Beddingen.
The IBSE special on the way from Schacht Konrad (Anschlussgrenze) to Salzgitter Hütte Süd on 12th April 2008.
Loco 1101 from VPS coaches of Warnetalbahn forming the IBSE special in front of Zentralwerkstatt in Salzgitter-Hallendorf.
On the way from Salzgitter Hütte Süd to Peine on 12.04.2008 in Broistedt a short break was made at the DB platform.
Visit in Peine harbour, 12th April 2008.

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