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Sonderfahrt zwischen Drögeheide und Guben: 10 August 2012 - 12 August 2012

On 10th August 2012 IBSE visited the museums railway at Gramzow. The special train was hauled by V22-01, at the tail of the train Kö 5049 has been attached. Photo taken prior to departure from Gramzow (Uckermark).
The line Damme (Uckermark) - Löcknitz is interrupted at the former level-crossing with the road Prenzlau - Schmölln - Penkuhn. The IBSE special on 10th August 2012 had to reverse here.
The IBSE special on 10th August on the return trip to Gramzow in Kleinow (Uckermark).
On 11th August 2012 VT 643.16 of NEB Betriebsgesellschaft mbH has reached Binnenhafen Eberswalde.
At the siding of Pinnow (Uckermark) the LOCON Service GmbH is providing a service facility for locomotives. On 11th August 2012 IBSE was allowed to visit the site.
The IBSE special on the harbour railway of Schwedt (Oder) which had been put in service just one year ago. The gate to the inner harbour area remained close on this saturday.
The station of Drögeheide, terminus of the line from Pasewalk Ost, was the most northern destination reached during the tour on 11th August 2012.
On the way to Binnenhafen Eisenhüttenstadt a signal box not in use is passed by the special ttain.
The IBSE special visited Binnenhafen Eisenhüttenstadt on 12th August 2012.
The IBSE special in the area of the container terminal of Frankfurt (Oder) on 12th August 2012.

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